End Of The 2016 School Year

Daphne and Erin

Brendan and Owen


Erin sang a solo and performed as a cat.  Wow!  Really knocked us out!

Erin's class....Playing the recorder....Very red face because she was a little nervous about her solo

On stage as Klever Katt

Erin with Maddie....And Lexi....Grandpa Terry and Uncle Tom talk about Erin's great performances....not vans or cars

Erin's Soccer Team


Daphne....We had snacks in the cafeteria while listening to the terrific band

Daphne and Devin....Brendan and Owen enjoyed the show....and cookies

Brendan and Owen at The First United Methodist Church of Crown Point

The Group....Owen is truly dismayed that there are no fish in the net....Happy campfire

Owen, Brendan and Jean pose in the boat that Jean and Jeff made


Owen (and 32 other students) performed in the talent show for the entire school at Jane Ball Elementary.
He did stand-up comedy.  And yes, the fall at the beginning is part of his act!

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