Arrived at 10:33 p.m.
on October 25, 2004
weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces
and measuring 20 inches!
Welcome Erin!

Brand New!

Erin and Mommy

Erin and Daddy

Daphne meets Erin

Daphne plays with Aunt Jean's shoes and tries on Erin's hat

Grandma Kathy, Aunt Jean and Great Aunt Sue meet Erin

Grandpa Jim and Grammy Jo meet Erin....Erin wide awake.

Daddy and Daphne....Erin napping with Daddy....Erin ready to go home.

Cards, flowers and Mickey Mouse

Back Home in Indiana

Grandpa Terry meets Erin and Daphne reads her book from Grandpa Jim and Grammy Jo

Stacy Gillespie meets Erin

Daphne checks out Erin and then decides she'd rather suck her thumb and hold her boopie!

Erin naps while Daphne plays in the bassinet basket.

At two months old, Erin is dressed in Grandpa Terry's handkerchiefs.

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