Erin Turns 13

Katy Perry Also Has A Birthday On October 25, 2017

Erin's generous Aunts Jen and Jean surprised Erin with a Katy Perry Concert.
It was the kind of surprise that makes one scream and cry....wonderful.

Waiting for the concert to start in terrific seats and new shirts.


The spaceship flew right over them....Daphne liked the show too.

The Left Shark....They pose with the Birthday Cake who was on stage with Katy.

After a "Friends" party at home, the next evening Erin celebrated some more at House Of Kobe

Waiting for the show to start.....And then Jean was flipping and catching the utensils....Wow

Brendan taking a picture of Owen taking a picture....The onion tower

The chef forgot Erin's noodles so he gave her a ton of them....laughter ensued....Owen amazed....Daphne smiling

Erin hit the birthday gong too softly and had to hit it again....more laughter.
Erin laughing while trying to catch food from the chef.
Owen liked this way of eating because you didn't have to wait for all the food to be cooked before you could begin eating.

More laughter....Erin got carrot cake and ice cream.
Not everyone wanted ice cream so Maddie ended up with three bowls of peppermint ice cream.
Maddie noticed Lady Kathy had purple in her hair....Daphne and Erin had to see it to believe it.

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