Erin's 15th Birthday

House of Kobe

Kathy pretending to be the chef....The real chef was funny....He even moved the onion volcano around saying, "choo choo"....Daphne trying to catch food

Erin was very shy (yes, the same Erin who goes on stage and knocks us out) so the chef had to sling 4-5 pieces of food at her at once....Hitting the dong

Taking a picture with the Birthday Hat....Daphne wanted to make sure my hair was on the website

Jeff and Brendan hitting the soup....Jean with Owen who is like his father with closed eyes for the picture....Erin, Kathy and Daphne

Playing with Daphne's new cornhole game....The carrot cake and fun topper

Brendan hugging his cornhole game (Everybody gets a gift)....Owen photobombing

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