Erin Turns Seven

October, 2011

Erin wore her Barbie costume until Maddie brought the Witch costume


Fun and scary decorations


Banana Owen was amazed that there were bricks inside a house....Ninja Brendan

Maddie....Grammy Jo and Erin

Paige, Emma, Jillian and Kaylie

Mallory, Jillian, Julie and Max

Grandma Char....Jean did face painting

Grandpa Terry....Grandma Kathy with her Dancing With The Stars trophy

Opening gifts

A special card and gifts from the Hineses

A gift from Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Terry and the Lahms

Chocolate soap from Grandma Kathy

A shopping spree to get An American Doll from Grammy Jo and Grandpa Jim....All the quarters from all the states from Grandma Char

Heather presents the cake....Grandpa Jim lights the candle....Singing Happy Birthday


Let's go again!

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