Erin as Princess Cinnamon in

"Haphazardly Ever After"

Grandma Kathy, The Lahms, Aunt Jen, Daphne and Emily

The Playbill

Fighting with her sister....With the Queen....Pillow fight with her siblings

Fighting over a hairbrush....Putting people in their place....With the Queen again

Daphne, Emily and Aunt Jen....very kind text Erin sent to Brendan during intermission....I love the detail on the set

Princess Cinnamon falls in love with an audience member....Princess Peppermint as a frog....Princess Cinnamon gets married

End of the play

Posing for pictures....Erin was asked to pose with two different little girls (how fun)....Brendan checking out Owen trapped on the wrong side of the railing

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