Fall Break
Veterans Day Celebration


Brendan and Owen had different Fall Breaks

So they each got special attention on their days with us

Owen learned how to light a long lighter....He then asked if he could burn some leaves....Sure

Owen actually asked to learn how to sew
He was quite fascinated by the treadle
He agreed the treadle was the most fun
He made two warmies (bags of rice you heat in the microwave to keep warm in bed at night) for his Mom
He was pretty proud of that----as he should be

After breakfast at that truck stop with the fireplace, we headed to Jasper-Pulaski to see the sandhill cranes
Over 7,000 were spotted there today
Not one of them was at the look-out
I learned later that to see them you must be there at dusk or dawn...or close to it
We took pictures of a couple of trees in our neighborhood and called it a day

Brendan learned how to paint leaves with a gold pen
And how to iron leaves and crayon shavings between two sheets of wax paper
He didn't like ironing so he only had to iron one
Grandma Kathy ironed the rest

Brendan and Grandma Kathy made some great masterpieces

Owen's Jane Ball Elementary School hosted a nice program for Veterans
The Boy Scouts did a nice job with the Flag....the place was quite crowded
Terry actually spotted Owen first but Owen didn't see us right away

I thought if I stood at the foot of the bleachers to take a picture, Owen would see me
I thought he would wave a little
He stood up, waved his arms and yelled, "Hi, Grandma"
I yelled back, "Hi, Owen"
There was laugher
Owen was quite well behaved during the 1 1/2 hours sitting in the bleachers

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