Fall 2000 in Virginia
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Alex and Cody Alex and Cody and their airplanes Alex and Cody in the planter Hannah Hannah
Alex, Hannah's Nanny's son Cody and Hannah

The Abbey Becky at the Abbey Aelx's toys Hannah in the safety vest Hannah in the safety vest
Lunch at the Abbey, Alex's toys and Hannah in the safety vest

Wavy Day Alex and Grandma Kathy The Band Alex protecting his hand from the noise of the band Surprise parade Lots of emergency vehicles A demonstration Alex and Grandma Kathy dancing in the street Alex and Becky Hannah has had quite enough of the noise Alex eats a cookie
The Neptune Festival at the Beach

It was right in my face! The American Flag We were here!
The Day on The Truman was so fantastic it has it's own page so click here!

Bill's birthday cake Opening birthday gifts Becky and Hannah (with Alex on the counter) Becky and Hannah
Becky put 29 candles on Bill's cake.  But Alex found the 7 extra candles in the box and added them to the cake.  We didn't even notice he did that until we were taking the burnt candles out of the cake!

Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Alex and Hannah
Hannah takes a bath.  Note the bananas in the pictures.

Sorting Socks Hannah and Alex Hannah and Alex
Grandma Kathy sorts socks while Hannah and Alex read.

Alex asleep in the office
Alex asleep in the office

Hannah and Alex Hannah and Alex Alex and Hannah Hannah and Alex Alex and Hannah in the hammock Alex, Bill and Hannah watching the new Blue's Clues Alex, Bill and Hannah
Pictures taken in the Blue's Clues pj's and
watching the new Blue's Clues video with Daddy

At the Rainforest Cafe--Grandma Kathy, Becky and Hannah Hannah Bill and Alex
Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

Hannah in the sink Hannah with bubbles Hannah sleeping Hannah and Alex in the Spaceship
Hannah takes a bath, a nap and a ride in Alex's Spaceship.

Alex and his new luggage Grandma Kathy and Alex watch Blue's Clues Mother duck and her 13 ducklings ducks Alex feeding the ducks
Alex showing us his new luggage, watching Blue's Clues
with Grandma Kathy and feeding the ducks.