The Wedding of Laura and Jim Pistello     

December 23, 2000

Laura    Jean made the flowers    Becky, Laura, Jean and Jen    Jimmy and Al    Jimmy

Before the wedding:  Laura, the flowers, Becky, Laura, Jean and Jen, Jimmy and Al and Jimmy

Laura and Jimmy's Prom Picture.....they went to prom in the same room they were married in!    Terry and Laura

The Prom picture, Terry and Laura (Beauty and the Beast)

Becky, Jen and Jean    Laura and Jimmy   

During the Ceremony

Terry, Kathy and Alex    Josie and Jim        Jim, Laura, Jimmy and Josie    Jen and Tom

Leaving the Ceremony, Group Photos, Jen and Tom

Terry, Kathy, Laura, Jimmy, Josie and Jim    Becky, Terry, Laura, Jimmy, Kathy and Jean    Jim, Josie, Jimmy, Laura and Grandma Char    Laura and Jim    Laura and Jim

Group Photos and The Arch

Al giving the toast    Laura and Jimmy    Jean giving the toast    The cake    Jimmy and Laura

The Toasts and The Cake

Jimmy's cake.....he graduated from college earlier in the week!    Laura    Jimmy and Laura    Jimmy    Jimmy

The Groom's Cake, Throwing the Bouquet and The Garter

Josie, Jim, Jen and Tom    Laura, Reverend Kathy and Jimmy    Terry and Kathy    Laura and Terry    Kathy and Jimmy

Group Photos and Dancing

The DJ as Santa    Paul and Bernice Ward    Mike and Carol Corbet    Cherie, Carrie and Eileen    Pat, Brian, Kathy, Bridget and Alissa

The DJ as Santa and Family Photos

Kyle, Sean, Jim, Michael and Sue    Santa and Alex    Alex and Hannah    Alex and Hannah    Sean, Laura and Brian

More Family Photos and Getting Silly With the Southwest Hats

Laura and Santa    Jimmy and Santa    Singing the Marriage Certificate    Jimmy and Laura    Jimmy and Laura leaving

Visiting With Santa and Saying Goodbye

1969 on Terry and Kathy's wedding cake    2000 on Laura and Jimmy's wedding cake

The Same Cake Top in 1969 and 2000

Mike's pictures of the Wedding

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