Galena 2022

Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan, Owen and Tessa

Brian, Bridget, Layla, Odin, Vinny and Alissa

Missing Pat who was in the hospital

Heading out in the 2016 Equinox....I love being a passenger rather that the driver

A gift of newborn diapers for the lastest upcoming Busse. Also suggested names so their kids names will spell LOVE

Beautiful Galena

Brendan fell out of bed....Layla cooking...The kitchen

Sitting on the couch without and then with Tessa

Portraits of Owen, food and solo cups. Almost all of our meals were eaten at the house. We ate out only once or twice.

Playing poker...Shopping in Galena

Brian modeling an $800 coat....And at the pool

The girls posing in their new shirts....Jean at lunch
The shirts read:
Daphne and Layla: I am the oldest sister-I make the rules
Erin: I am the middle sister-I'm the reason we have rules
Tessa: I'm the youngest sister-the rules don't apply to me

I Brought Wigs

Owen and Kathy looking like twins....Kathy....Layla and Kathy....Patti and Lil Kim performed for us

Brian and Owen....Brian....Alissa....Alissa....Daphne

Brian checking out Vinny....Vinny....Vinny

Odin got sick and relaxed and got well in his room....Then Vinny joined him....Then Briget left for home a day early
Odin did get out of his room to say Good-Bye to Uncle Brian and Aunt Alissa

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