Erin's Grandparents Day

February, 2014

The classes sang wonderful songs including one about pizza!

Erin with Mrs. Hill....Her shoes....Her desk

Erin with the Smartboard....Pointing to herself

Erin with Grammy Joe....With Grandma Kathy....With Daphne....Daphne's hair jewels

Erin with her Lincoln report....Classroom sink....It's snowy outside....The fishtank

Erin in her classroom....In the cafeteria for a snack

Daphne's Championship Basketball Game

Daphne broke her arm but went to the Championship Game to cheer for her team.
Her team is made up of students from three schools.
When Daphne walked in, her teammates all clapped for her!  
Daphne's coach invited her to sit on the bench during the game and sign the ball.
And they won the game!

Erin in the stands....Erin had to learn the song Grand Ole Flag for Girl Scouts....Grandma Kathy

Daphne and her team.....And her ribbon

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