Halloween 2008

Featuring The Barack Obama Rally in Highland

Hannah and Alex and their loot

Quincy and Jack as Green Bay Packers

Daphne and Erin as Unicorns

Bowling....Erin putting her face in the blower

Owen as Art Garfunkel and Brendan as Lightning McQueen

Posing on the porch....Owen became a Lion....Jeff and Jimmy take the kids trick or treating

The Obama Rally in Wicker Park, Highland, Indiana

Sign right near the rally in Wicker Park

Laura's shirt....Laura's vest....Laura and Kathy

The crowd in front of us....The crowd behind us....The Republican and The Democrat

We were close!....The Press Area (Candy Crowley talking into the CNN camera)

The Man Himself!

     We had a good time.  We stood (in line or at the rally) for about four hours.  The crowd was a lot of fun and we talked with the people around us.  There were 20,000 or 40,000 people there depending on the news source.  When the rally ended, we had a 45 minute wait to get out of the parking lot.  We put our time to good use by cleaning out Laura's van.

Laura treated me to a great dinner....Why I drove home!

We were on the front page of the Post Tribune!
See us there....under that pink arrow?

Laura, Daphne and Erin campaigned for Jim Pistello.
He won too!

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