Halloween 2010

Alex....Hannah....Jack....Simba dressed as Quincy

Brendan and Owen (Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda) posing on the porch....Trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating the Indiana way---being pulled around in a wagon behind a lawn tractor
Instead of saying "Trick-or-treat", Owen said, "I want chocolate."
Owen running for joy
Brendan used the force to float around

Grandma Kathy was way out of character as a witch....posing with Owen and Brendan

The Great Remote Control Car Race

Jean and Jeff's Aunt Ellen provided quite a spread of food....Justin, Jake, Josh, Ally, Brendan, Brandon and Owen

Off they go!

Jake....Brendan....Mike helps Owen....Morgan

Owen "racing" the Barbie jeep

Everyone earned a trophy or medal (courtesy of Aunt Ellen)!

The Lahm trophies were proudly displayed on the TV

At The Pistellos

Time to gut the pumpkins

More gutting and carving

Enjoying a pomegranate.

Hippies (Jimmy and Heather) pose with Rock Star Daphne and Princess Erin

Daphne and Erin

Erin and Daphne pose

Ready to go!


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