Halloween 2011

Hannah....Alex....Hannah's pumpkins

Becky's pumpkins....They were featured on TV

Going to Michelle's party....Alex is a ceiling fan....Becky is Bill....Chocolate Covered Peeps....Pretzel Mummies

Banana Owen....Ninja Brendan

Jean's painted pumpkins

Daphne is a witch and Erin is a cat....Daphne's pumpkin....Erin's pumpkin


Grandma Kathy, Daphne and Erin went to Taltree in Valpo for Halloween fun



We checked out all the scarecrows and voted for our favorite



We all really enjoyed the Railway Garden.  Daphne and I want to live in the last picture here

Making a Halloween spider web

Watching a liquid nitrogen demonstration

Playing a game for candy

Going on a hayride in the wind and rain....The flashlight walk had to be cancelled and the power was off so we didn't see the special lights

We stopped at Albanese to see the world's larget chocolate waterfall:

We had a lot of fun here....We watched gummy bears being made (No pictures allowed)

Laura's Halloween candy display....Skunk, witch and cat....With Emily and Rob Koontz at a display....Daphne and Erin and friends

Bridget and Darren's party....Doing the Tebow....Darren as himself and Bridget as Lady Gaga....Bridget's Colonel Sanders pumpkin

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