Halloween Painting

Kathy, Brendan and Owen


Kathy, Pat and Brian

October, 2018

Kathy, Brendan and Owen painted pumpkins

I provided fruit, leftover pizza and cake for breakfast so Brian bought a ham and cheese sandwich from the gas station instead
He made a great choice because I got salmonella and was very sick for about a week
Pat liked my can opener so Brian ordered him one online

I needed to learn how to load and unload my 9mm and shotgun....Had trouble pulling back the slidy thing on the gun
But I was ready to learn with my safety glasses on and ear plugs in....I only shot my shotgun twice because it really slams in to my shoulder....ouch

Targets....I was finally able to fully load a magazine....I actually hit the bullseye once....Brian did the rest....Pat game me a thumbs up

Pat threw some clay birds for Brian to shoot with his favorite gun

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