Hannah's Graduation Party

Featuring Brianna Mrozek

May, 19, 2018

Fun poster of Hannah

Cakes from Becky....The one with the dog bones on top was the best!

Bri's table....Hannah's table....The terrific taco and fruit bar from the Mrozeks

This cracked me up....I took a faraway picture of Ollie and he heard the camera and ran to me and posed!

Hannah, Ollie and Brianna

Bill, Becky and Hannah....Hannah....Erin, Hannah and Daphne....Alex

Hey, let's try something!

Daphne and Hannah are the same height!....Hannah and Grandma Kathy

Daphne, Hannah and Erin

Ken and Kathy Mrozek....Kathy, Bri and Madelyn Vavra

Taking selfies with Ollie.....Checking one out....Posing for the camera.

Returning to very early childhood!

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