Hershey, PA

July, 2013


Waiting for the rental VW minivan....Erin and Daphne....Tessa....Our ride for the week

The Sign

Tessa, Erin and Daphne

Laura, Tessa and David

The streelights were really cool!

Tessa's Birthday Dinner

Tessa's "Surprise Party"....Nemo cake, Dora gifts and confetti

More party pics....Daphne and Erin "Raising the Roof"

Our pool

Checking in....Looking at some reptile....Height measurement requirements....Tessa and Erin on The Balloons

The Big Merry-Go-Round and The Mini Merry-Go-Round

The Big Swings and The Mini Swings

The Big Pirate Swing and The Mini Pirate Swing

The Big Scrambler and The Mini Scrambler

Daphne and Erin on the Tilt-A-Whirl.....Grandma Kathy watched a lot of rides

One of our favorite rides was SkyView

Stuff Erin and I saw:  A sandal....ducks....Laura and Daphne in line for the Comet (a roller coaster)

Some of the other roller coasters that Laura and Daphne rode

Daphne and Laura....The Claw....a hideous ride I could barely stand to watch, much less ride

Tessa on the Bizzy Bees

Daphne and Erin on The Howler

Erin and Tessa wore wristbands....and got glittery tattoos

Feeding the ducks

Enjoying the street performers....Planning our next adventure

No matter what ride Tessa went on....her favorite was the Merry-Go-Ride which she rode about ten times

The Flying Falcon

Grandma Kathy and Erin on The Ferris Wheel....David, Erin, Tessa and Grandma Kathy on Twin Turnpike

Candy Bar People

The Kissing Tower

Some views from The Kissing Tower

The Waterpark (connected to the main park....very nice set-up)

Watching a ride.  First a big splash and then a rainbow.  Laura and David are on the ride in the last picture!

Tessa played in the water for about 1/2 an hour before getting her hair yet.

On a waverunner

Posing with The Candy People

Reese's even taught Tessa how to dance

So Tessa and Erin danced!

All three in the big pool....Daphne coming down the orange slide....Erin in the water sprays....Tessa gives her life jacket to her monkey

Name necklaces from David

Pizza Dinner

It took us about eight hours to get from Hershey to Philly.
That's because we stopped at every yard sale and antique store between those two cities.
We spent the night in Philly and caught our plane home just fine.
Very fun vacation!

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