Holiday Celebrations

Thanksgiving at the Hineses

The table after a wonderful dinner...the chocolate fountain...Becky and Bill

Terri Ditmars...Becky, Bill and Travis...Tyler, John and Rachel play pool (Hannah is in the background).

The new family room...marbles on the stairs...beautiful china

The new TV (That's Gary, who got voted off Survivor)...Hannah labeled Grandpa Terry

Hannah, Alex and Lauren play pinball...Hannah and Tyler

Hannah does a handstand
Hannah took a lot of pictures and you can see them Here.
It's fun to see the world through the eyes of a five year old!

Ornament Party

Jean had another fun Ornament Party.
The pictures didn't come out but here are the wonderful ornaments we all got!

Daphne and Erin open gifts from Mommy

Erin and Daphne dig in.

Although Brendan got his own gift, he played with Daphne and Erin's gifts too!

Grandpa Terry, Grandma Kathy and Jeff had a good time too.
Jean (not pictured) enjoyed the evening as well.

Daphne presented Mommy with a home-made necklace
(that Grandma Kathy helped her make).

The McDonald's food and cash register were big hits.

Grandma got on the floor to play and Erin hopped on her back.
And oh yes, Erin did mess with the Festivus pole!

Terry, Laura and Jean stayed up until 3:30 to play poker.
Kathy flashed back to when they played poker in her hospital room!

The next day, Daphne napped in the bassinet....
with her boopie and one of Grandma Kathy's Christmas socks.

Christmas Eve at Jim and Sue's

The outside lights and beautiful tables.

You know that if Kathy's inflatable palm tree from Pat
and Kids is this much taller than Brian, it's big!

Hannah and her Doodle Bear....the Kids table....Brendan on Daddy's lap.

Alissa and Hannah....Alex and Kyle....Erin and Grandma Kathy.

Daphne and Charlotte....Kathy and Mike....Alissa with Erin and Sean with Brendan

Brian's tattoo....Brendan and Erin play with Daphne's doll.

Singing Christmas Carols

Hannah, Alissa and Daphne....Bridget....Mary shows Terry his shell is a cookie jar!

Jeff wearing the fun goggles....and sneaking in a short nap.

Jim and Mike....Bridget and Erin....Hannah.

Brendan and Kyle....Charlotte, Robin, Brendan, Kyle and Hannah....Sean and Brendan.

Trying the different holiday flavors of Jones Soda:  Eileen, Sue, Pat, Jean and Brendan.

Christmas visit at the Wards

Lindsey likes her gift.

Linda is surprised by her gift.

Phil actually liked his gift...Sue and Phil...Dad and Ma.


The Grandkids.....and with the Festivus pole.

Decorations.....notice on the stockings that Jean
is the only one who is Nice....the rest of us are Naughty.

Kathy's attire....enjoying the chocolate fountain.

Fun with the chocolate fountain.

Playing Plinko.....then running to see who could be at the door.

Joe Wagner as Santa Claus
It's Santa Claus!

Erin and Alex....Hannah....Santa and Daphne

Santa, Jean and Brendan....Erin and Brendan were not thrilled with Santa.

Emoting....Jean, Alex and Hannah

Emoting....Daphne, Erin and Brendan

Playing Poker

The next morning, Hannah and Erin got up waaaay too early.
Hannah is snuggling under the heating pad.

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