October 2007

     Jean, Brendan, Owen and I stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Indy.  We visited with Laura, Kim and Stacey (there are no pictures of them...darn...I dropped the ball there).  The FFA were in town for a national convention.  They were a bunch of nice, polite teenagers.  I even saw one girl from Alaska!

Brendan and Owen in the pack 'n' play and the king-sized bed

Remnants of our terrific breakfast....Kathy feeds Owen

Just outside our room there was the big train (full of hotel rooms)

Brendan really liked the train....we had to keep the room latched so he couldn't get out (again)


We were right by the Dome

Jean had me take pictures of Colts stuff (for Jeff).

Then we went to the Children's Museum

The dinosaurs are escaping!  Happy sign

Jean, the boys and I waited in the gift shop for Jeff and Haley Hardesty.
I bought this Magic Marble Kaleidoscope

Some pictures I took through my new kaleidoscope

I fell in love with this glass sculpture titled Fireworks of Glass by Dale Chihuly


The floor of the sculpture from above

We went below the sculpture and reclined on a slowly spinning thing

The floor as seen from below

The water table was a big hit!  Haley and Brendan....Haley and Brendan

Jean and Brendan....Brendan....Brendan really got this machine moving

Brendan took a block from the arch to use at the water table....Haley spotted this frog on the ridge of the pond

The money spinner:  Brendan, Haley and Jeff....Owen tries to see what's going on....Brendan and Haley

Haley in the colorful mirror place

Becky's, Jean's and Laura's worse nightmare
An A-Team lunch box for Laura
Kathy's brother Mike had one of these

Brendan with a giant Mr. Potato Head....Haley and Jeff play Score Four....Brendan

A sand table is ok (but it's not a water table)....Owen with his spider toy....Jean holds Owen's bib at lunch

Brendan dressed as a dinosaur and carefully moved dinosaur eggs from one place to another

Brendan and Haley tried the submarine....Haley poses in front of her block creation

Haley and Brendan....Haley....Redheads Haley and Owen

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