The Wedding Reception of

Jen and Tom Maracich

December 1, 2001

(As seen through the eyes of the Wards)

Click on the small pictures to see the larger versions


The Beautiful Cake and Gift Box


The Flowers, the Collage and the Hall


Jen with Terry and Jodee and the wonderful centerpieces


Jean and Laura


The Wards


Jean and Jeff Lahm


Laura and Jimmy


Jimmy and Jean, Laura and Jeff and Jeff and Kathy dancing


Jimmy, Jeff and Dave, Kathy and Josie and Kathy and Grandma Shirley


Grandma Char and Jim and Josie celebrate their 28th Wedding Anniversary


Diana, Jack and Laura, Jean and Jack, John, Jerry and Julie


Dave, Phil and Cindy, Ben and Megan, Marlena and Amanda


Marlena, Amanda and their dates, Joe, Mike, Jen and Laura, Mike and Jen, Jodee


Diana, Jerry and Julie, Terry and Jerry, Jeff, Terry and Jerry, Sillinest with pretty eye glasses


Jen and Tom, Delores and Tom, Jim and Jen


Jean caught the bouquet and Jason caught the garter


The feathery shoes, pretty hair and sparkling shoulders


Jean singing, the Videographer in action and Jen and Tom doing the Chicken Dance

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