4th of July, 2004               

At Jeff and Nancy Lahm's

The Holiday Decorations

The Harley

Nancy, Jeff, Kevin, Matt and Richard

Nancy, Jeff, Kevin, Matt, Richard and George

Jeff, Matt, Richard and George

Kevin's Lion Tattoo

Nancy and Jeff             Kathy and Terry              Ruthie and Michelle

Fred and Marty   Nicole and Brock   Markie and Brock   Steve and Baby

At the Hineses

Bill, Hannah and Alex       Eileen, Bill, Hannah and Alex

Hannah          Alex

Alex, Hannah and Eileen

Turkey Run
Featuring the 2nd Annual Cook-Off

On the pontoon boat at Cecil M. Harden Lake

Melissa and Kaylee....Jeff....Hawaiian Dave....Tyler and Brady


In the water

Jeff and Hawaiian....Jeff and Daphne....Kaylee and Hawaiian

The 2nd Annual Cammping Cook-off

Jeff....Jeff and Daphne....Dave....Jean

   The entries

Jeff's steak....Dave's chicken....Laura's caribbean jerk chicken

Jean's cilantro-lime shrimp....Hawaiian's apple-cranberry stuffed pork

   And...the winners are:

Laura in second place, Hawaiian in first place and Jeff in third!

Hawaiian remains the undefeated champion!

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