July 4th 2008

Morning...Parade in Hebron

Waiting for the parade to start

Grandma Kathy and Erin....Laura and Daphne....The girls with their candy bags on their heads!

We even had a flyover!  The parade is starting!

This is a political card handed out at the parade.
A woman is running and on the back of the card is a recipe.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
There's another recipe on her website.

Jen, Addison and Mike Brawner....An old car

More old cars

An old car and an old milk truck

Old trucks

An old truck and a snazzy lime car

Horses and an old tractor

Batman!.....Grandma Kathy's favorite vehicle

The girls got a ton of candy and a few poppers.
Daphne handed me a popper and asked, "Grandma, how do I eat this?"

Afternoon...Party at the Sweeneys in Chicago

Kathy, Terry, Jean, Jeff, Brendan, Owen and Eileen went to the party

Brendan played in the big pool and then got warmed up by Daddy

Jean....Jeff enjoying some of the terrific food

Brendan wouldn't go in the baby pool but he really liked the sand....Owen

Owen and Brendan....Brendan, Ryan, Kelli and Owen

Evening....Fireworks at the Lahms in Lowell

Kathy and Terry went to Jean and Jeff's for neighborhood fireworks.
Jean made a pasta salad....it was all we could eat after all the great food at Sweeneys.
Brendan with olives on his fingers.
Brendan took this picture of Jean cooking

Terry and Jeff shot off some fireworks.
We could then just stand in the front yard and face any direction and see great fireworks.
There were hundreds of them....and none too loud.

Grandma Kathy brought giant sparklers.
Brendan really liked them and held 5 or 6 of them himself.
I took three pictures of Brendan here but he kept closing his eyes because he knew the flash would go off!

Jean's Pre-Birthday Celebration

     Jeff had to come over to have his truck serviced by Terry so Jean and the boys came too.  It was the week before Jean's birthday...but she was going camping on her birthday so I surprised her with a fun lunch and cake.

The cake
Jean helped me cook but everything was pre-cut and ready to assemble
Our bread product was a warm hot dog bun.

Brendan brought the car wash and cars up from the family room so he and Owen could play with them

Jeff sat at the kiddie table to eat....Brendan played....Grandpa Terry and Owen

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