Summer Fun with the Grandkids

June 2008

Erin and Daphne joined Owen in his pool on the deck while Brendan fished in the other pool

Daphne and Owen.  Owen had a lot of fun and never got his hair wet.

The fancy sprinkler....Erin, Daphne and Brendan....Daphne and Brendan

Erin waters her tomato plant....Brendan and Daphne tend to their plants....Daphne and the plants

During a summer storm, the puddle the girls played in when they were young got huge!
A car goes through the puddle.

Laura bought the material for these dresses and I sewed them.
The girls were very patient while I tried the dresses on them several times.
They played with the playpen panels, some trophies (they have over 20 of them) and their Nativity Set.
Eight pound 6 ounce Baby Jesus got his own place on an panel.
Daphne and Erin put clothes on a watermelon Grandpa Terry bought them....they really laughed at that!

I bought these hideous fish people at a garage sale.
Jean displayed them in her kitchen.  She told Jeff she liked them there.
Jeff was very happy when Jean said they were up there as a joke.

Owen walks now....and I took a picture of him laying on the floor....Bad Grandma Kathy
Brendan played with his own Boggle game while Jean and I played with the adult Boggle game

Daphne and Erin on a donkey at Wal-Mart

I visited the Hineses for four we are at Alex's last soccer game of the season
Grandma Kathy....Becky and Bill....Hannah

Alex flies.
Alex's team lost the game 4-3.  Alex make all three of the goals for his team!

Here is a video of Alex (Number 3) playing in his game

Alex poses with his trophy....His formal picture

Simba resting by Grandpa Terry's High School Graduation picture in Becky's office

We had to use a little black pawn because a large one is lost.....Alex.....Grandma Kathy
Alex won the first game and Grandma Kathy won the second game.
The third game ended in a stalemate and Alex won the fourth game.
I have never let him win a game.
I used to be able to beat him a lot.
Not so much anymore!

Bill doing yard work

Hannah stacking blocks

Becky....Becky cooking....Notice she is using a Pampered Chef knife and cutting board
Jean is a Pampered Chef Consultant

Alex blew a large, heart-shaped bubble....And lost to Grandma Kathy playing Battleship

Grandma Kathy and Hannah made origami kitties and displayed them on the mantel
Hannah's kitty....The fireplace....Grandma's kitty

Angels pose

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