2008 Lowell Labor Day Parade

Kathy, Terry, Jean, Jeff, Brendan and Owen

For the Lowell Labor Day Parade, you set up your chairs the day before the parade.
Jean set up the chairs at about 4 p.m. on Sunday.
She used her mini-cones to mark the Lahm Area.

When I took Brendan's picture with his cars, He said, "Thank you!"
Jean brought Breakfast Buritos for the adults and pancakes for the boys.

Here come a lot of noisy emergency vehicles
Brendan....Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Nancy with the American Veterans

Army vehicles....Jeff's union....Smoking and driving a float

It's Barack Obama!....Oh wait, it's just a cardboard cutout of him.

These Shriners put on a great show!.....This Musician sounded great!....Talking on a cell phone.

Grandma Kathy taught Brendan to give her all the Toostie Rolls he picked up...and he did.
Batman!....And I don't understand why this truck is in this parade...Is it just me?

This guy on a horse with a lasso was great!....Economy Well put in our well...and Jean and Jeff's well!

A freakishly large grocery bag....A lot of balloons....A ton of balloons were released.

My purse with flags and Toostie Rolls

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