Lake County Fair

August 2008

Terry, Erin and Daphne taking shelter from the rain....Owen and Brendan don't mind being wet

Susan Werner and Jean....Jean subjects Alex to a rain bonnet....Abby watches KC show me some straw

Little pigs....The striped one already looks like bacon....Rubber Ducks featured as a breed of ducks

Daphne and Alex holding hands....One of the many buildings we checked out
We never found Mike's friend Willie because the pigeons weren't shown until Thursday

Alex shows us her hand craft....A neat idea for a baby shower

We had a great lunch and a bunch of fair food....Daphne and Alex pushing Abby
Deep Fried Snickers are way over-rated but Funnel Cakes are still great

Erin wanted to go on the Merry-Go-Round and then headed straight to one of the benches!
She really tried to like the Motorcycle ride but they had to stop the ride to let her off.
Brendan had to be let off the kiddie swings also.

Brendan and Erin....Daphne....Grandma Kathy and Brendan....And Daphne

Brendan, Erin and Daphne on the train....Brendan and Daphne on the teacups

On the Boats

Daphne on an airplane....Happy Owen....Erin, Daphne and Brendan on the Bumper Cars....Brendan

Daphne and Kathy on the Big Swing.....Great fun

Brendan on the Merry-Go-Round with Grandma.
Just like Erin earlier, he headed straight to a bench!
Jean took a picture of herself in the Merry-Go-Round mirror

Terry, Brendan and Kathy rode the Ferris Wheel....Brendan sorta liked it

Kathy and Brendan on the Fun Slide....Even securely held by Grandma, Brendan screamed all the way down


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