Lake County Fair


Kathy, Terry, Jean, Brendan, Owen, Daphne and Erin

A special appearance by Amy Augustine

Erin, Brendan, Terry and Kathy....Terry with Owen....Brendan was very huggy on the Dragon....Kathy, Brendan, Erin and Daphne

Erin and Brendan....Owen and Brendan....Daphne on the big swings....Kathy and Daphne

Owen....Erin and Daphne....Erin and Owen....Grandpa Terry was a very good waver!

Erin, Brendan and Daphne....Brendan didn't like all the spinning Daphne did....Daphne on the airplanes....Erin

Erin, Daphne and Brendan on the Bumper Cars (Brendan even had a driver!)

The Bumper Cars were a big hit

Just like last year, Brendan and Erin chose to sit on the bench instead of riding a horse....Jean's picture of herself

Riding in the cars

Erin and Daphne on the Big Slide....Erin and Kathy on the small swings

Daphne and Amy...Amy and Daphne....Showing off airbrushed tattoos....Jean's lips

You just can't beat Fair Food

And then there was the Monster Truck Rally

Where we sat

The stars of the show

You can actually see the fire in the cab of Monster Patrol....and then all the smoke
Daphne asked me if it was a real fire or part of the show
Such a cynical little six-year-old.
It was a real fire because Monster Patrol never performed for us

Part of the show....Erin's reaction to the entire show (The rest of us reacted the same way)
Except for Jean and Owen who had to leave the show 10 minutes after is started because Owen was terrified

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