Laura's Leaf Raking Party

November 4, 2007

I was the only person who turned up for the party.
Because I was the only person invited to the party!
Why yes, I am wearing a coonskin cap.

Erin and Daphne "helped" me for about 20 minutes

Then they played with umbrellas....and they took good care of my Chicago umbrella

The girls played with their car and took great delight in riding through my piles of leaves

When the car would spin in the leaves, Daphne would get out and push

Daphne teaching Erin how to drive....Then Erin took off by herself

Mom, will you please untangle my extension cord?

Laura cleaned out her garage and actually fit her van in...just in time for winter

So I accidentally melted the tip of a rake...Laura immediately started referring to it as the melty rake

We raked and burned for over four hours...and these pictures represent just a fraction of the leaves left

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