Patti and Kevin's Wedding
August 5, 2000
As Seen Through the Eyes of the Wards
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The Love Bug

Kevin and Patti Cut the Cake Patti and Kevin Patti and Kevin Kevin and Patti

Kevin Searching For the Garter Kevin With the Garter Kevin Tossing The Garter Catching the Garter

Amy and Patti Dancing Jean and Patti Jean and Patti Patti

Patti and Jeff Eppen Patti and Roger Patti and Terry Ok, so Patti's eye is closed and I'm looking at the floor....but it's still a cute picture!

Jean and Chris Jean and Laura Brad and Jean Teresa and Jackie Jeff, Laura and Raul

Jen and Mike Jimmy Laura and Jimmy Laura and Terry Pete and Laura

Kathy and Terry Kathy and Terry

Dais Dancing Dais Dancing Dais Dancing

Our Table Pete Our Table

We played "Survivor" at our table...
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