Southside Irish Parade
March 14, 2004

John Tanjic, Tom Maracich and Jeff LahmJean, Jen and JodeeJulie, Andy, Steph and Adam
Our group enjoying the ParadeJean and JeffSteph and Adam

J Lo and Steph

After The Parade:  Finnegan's Wake in Dyer

Tom wished he had Jeff's hairJean and Jeff at Finnegans
"Gosh, my husband has a nice head of hair..."
Jeff had his hair cut to benefit
The Children's Cancer Foundation.
Tom donated $100 to have this done
In addition, Jeff's lovely locks were donated to
Locks of Love, a charity that donates hair to
disadvantaged children who lose their hair
due to illness or chemotheraphy
And there it goesThis is Jeff's shaven
hair on Tom's head
Still going....A new Jeff!
Yes, that's all of his hair
in that Ziplock bag!

Jeff is satisfied with his haircut and thanks Tom for his donation!

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