Louisville, Kentucky

June, 2014

Kathy, Laura, Daphne and Erin

Beautiful lobby in the Brown Hotel

We took a cab to the Zoo....The girls in the spray because it was 91 degrees out


The girls played on this for quite a while
They were the only ones on it for about 1/2 hour
This structure is 32 feet high
Grandma Kathy watched from the ground!

Animals we never saw before

The lions were adorable....The male lion licked the female lion....We really enjoyed watching them

Concrete animal paw prints (adorable)....Flowers (pretty)....Decorations (interesting)

Meerkats are always darling!

The Gorillas

A couple of humans....comparing hand sizes (Erin then Daphne)

A tiger and rhinos

On a rhino....Waiting for a cab for the ride from the zoo to The Brown

On the night of October 25, 1923, people jammed the corner of Fourth and Broadway for the official public opening of The Brown Hotel.....October 25th is Erin's birthday!

Waiting for our room on a circular couch

Terrific room....These throws were available in the gift shop for $75.00

Ghosts!....Erin pretending to be asleep atop our coffee table

Posing with Mr. J. Graham Brown....Posing with Tom Simons, an urban planner, who is waving at his friend Mr. Brown
The Louisville Clock

Crazy statue with three feet!

Whenever anyone says "Look," I try to take a picture....The first two are Erin's and the last one is mine

Waterfalls!....Bat and plaque honoring one of about 60 players on the Louisville Sluggers Walk of Fame

A fancy limo and horse head

I wonder why Demotte, IN doesn't have a 30 foot gold statue of David.....Oh

The giant bat....And the business next door with the baseball in the window is a......drumroll.....plate glass company!

In the Museum.....Real bats on the ceiling
The tour was great, the perfect mixture of real people and videos
We couldn't take any pictures but we each got a mini bat....cool

Erin pushing the button with her elbow because our hands were sticky from ice cream
Laura, Daphne and Erin took pictures of the hotel

The Crystal Ballroom

An employee caught Laura and the girls taking pictures in the ballroom
He turned on the chandelier lights for them!
Gotta love all the people at The Brown!

Laura showing Daphne and Erin her office

The ride home was a little bumpy at times so Daphne and Erin held hands....Awwwwww!

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