Lowell Light Parade and Bass Pro Shop


Daphne, Erin, Brendan, Owen and Jeff await the parage (Grandpa Terry, Grandma Kathy and Grammy Jo were there also)

The Grinch was the Grand Marshall....Presenting the Colors....Sumo Wrestling Santas



Some pretty sights

The horse riders from Mi Ranchito also put on a good show.  And it's a great restaurant

Santa ends the parade....Owen and Brendan pose by their favorite car...a Herbie

The decorated Lahm home....I built a fire to watch football...At one time only half of the fire was going....Later I noticed a vertical log!

Bass Pro Shop

     Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen had a blast at Bass Pro Shop.  They were very excited and we spent several hours there.  It's their favorite Pre-Christmas activity

Daphne and Erin pose by the big tree and Aquaium

We met up with the Lahms by the boats

The Magical Santa Area....Daphne and Erin playing with a remote controlled truck....Erin's letter to Santa

Brendan at the slot cars....Kathy and Terry....Getting candy after a picture with Santa.  The kids also got coupons to eat free in the restaurant!


The free pictures from Bass Pro Shop

In the restaurant, our table was right against the Aquarium.  I let the kids use my camera so I have over 40 pictures of this Aquarium...Lionfish...Unicornfish

This was a private room with only one other table.  There were several large pictures of Ernest Hemingway.

Daphne, Kathy and Terry....Owie....Random picture of Jean and Jeff

Erin and Brendan color together....Daphne covered in sauce after sharing ribs with Grandma Kathy

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