Lunch at Tyler's Tender

July, 2007

But first:

Daphne and Erin opened raw corn and ate it in the van!
Laura wasn't too happy....but they were!

At the Mall:

Erin and Daphne check out the Mall....Grandma shopped at the Gap and got great bargains

Grandpa Terry and Erin....playing at the picture place while Brendan and Owen got their picture taken

Owen and Brendan

On the spinning thing....Grandpa Terry did a good job waving

Daphne on a horse and Erin on a horse/

On the rocking thing....Grandma Kathy has a flower in her hair that Erin picked for her

Daphne shows her happy face and Erin shows her angry face
Daphne can put on her seatbelt all by herself...even in Grandpa Terry's van


Watching the big train layout....Erin thought it was a little loud

Owen wondered why he couldn't play with the trains....then he decided to be happy anyway!

Taking a ride on the big train

Daphne rang the bell

Here comes our food!


Riding the little train

Mommy had to kiss Brendan's tears away when it was time to go!

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