The Second Generation

The Corbet Family--1969 The Corbet Family--1976 The Corbet Family--1981

Mary and Vincent Corbet The Family Collage Vince Corbet

Klinkers Four Klinkers Jim and Joe Klinker---1936 Jim and Joe Klinker--1937

The Klinker Siblings Mary Ellen and Gene Klinker Margie and Gene

Klinker Kids Mary Ellen and Rita Klinker with a friend Rita and Jim Klinker Mary Ellen, Earl and Rita A Group of Klinkers Three Klinker Kids Alfred Klinker and three of his kids Rita Klinker with a snake Three Klinker Kids A Group of Klinkers Klinkers Rita Klinker Rita and Mary Ellen Klinker Mary Ellen and Joe Mary Ellen Klinker Rita Klinker Rita Klinker Rita and Mary Ellen Klinker Rita and Dirty Rita Klinker Rita Klinker Bob Corbet and Rita Klinker

Rita Corbet Rita Klinker Robert Corbet A Yearbook Article by Rita Klinker

Lorraine Martin and Mary Ellen Lee Bebe and Her Mother Marie Fanchi and Her Mother Mary Ellen, Rita, Lorraine and Marie
The "Girls" met in High School and remained friends.

They met twice a year at a restaurant (each taking her turn to choose one) and bragged about their kids or traveling.

Bob and Rita Corbet and a parrot Bob Corbet Frank and Marge Corbet Bob and Mary Lou Bobbie Corbet Four Generations Rita Corbet Rita Corbet Mike, Jim, Grandma Ella Klinker and Eileen

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