Meeting Vinny

Layla Graduates From Kindergarten

Featuring: The Busse Family

Lady Kathy, Jean, Brendan and Owen

May, 2021

The banner was assembled in the car on the way here
That might explain why some of the letters are a little out of order

Vinny was born in September and we met him for the first time in May! Darn Covid! He is very happy and huggy!

Layla with her yard sign....And her cap and gown

Layla started cutting her cake but then decided Lady Kathy should finish cutting
All the cool stuff on top of the cake was eaten by Layla, Odin and Lady Kathy

Odin was a little shy at first....But then he came around

The Lahm Boys had fun with the little ones....Odin showed me his chicken....Then he turn his clarinet into a chicken (note the head)

Lady Kathy...Alissa...Jean....Alissa with Layla and Odin....Second Borns hanging out

Second Borns....Brothers....Owen asked Alissa to take a couple of selfies and then asked me to put them on this site...Great Idea!

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