Memorial Day Weekend


Turkey Run Park

Kathy, Brendan, Jean, Laura, Erin, Bubba, Kayla, Daphne and Owen

The Lahms and Grandma Kathy--Trail 6

Jean brought a perfect lunch....Kathy's Buick Terraza (Always show a picture of the car....Bob Corbet)

Trail 6 was not crowded....Brendan spotted something right away....Tiny fish that Brendan found

Pretty view....Iron deposits....Grandma Kathy and the boys

Jean and the boys....Owen posing where the statue of Juliet Strauss stood for many years

On a bridge....Climbing to Sunset Point

Sunset Point.....With Ducks

The Lieber Cabin was open....The boys liked the back porch

The Juliet Strauss statue is now behind the Inn.
It is named "Subjugation" and was made by Myra R. Richards

I see a lion, tiger, ape, pig and peacock

Our Favorite Trail:  3

You can't beat the classics:  The Wedge, Creek Walking and The Punch Bowl
These pictures are from when Laura, Daphne, Erin, Bubba and Kayla went on the trail

Getting ready for a picture....A picture....A kind stranger took a picture of all of us...nice

Crossing a bridge....Erin with her carrot art....Trail 3 was crowded....Jean and her shoes

Brendan and Bubba with sticks....Owen....Owen checking his knees for scrapes (he didn't have any this time)....Owen
Everyone except Grandma hiked part of Trail 4 and part of Trail 8....They were not crowded

We saw a lot of these birds.
I did some research and determined they are turkey vultures

Kayla and Bubba sleeping on the way home

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