Riviera Maya, Mexico
Copacobana Resort
March, 2005

Back Row:  Mike, Kathy, Terry, Jim, Sue, Sean, Kyle, Ron and Helen
Front Row:  Charley, Michael, Emily, Cherie and Eileen

A familiar drink coaster...a luggage tag...it's important to know where your passport is.

Two postcards and a picture of the lobby ceiling.

Jim in the Lobby Bar....Kathy and Terry in the Lobby Bar

Mike in his usual chair....Mike....Cherie
Terry waits for Kathy to quit taking pictures so they can play in the ocean.
The rest of the group is going shopping with Michael and Sean too.

The lobby from the path....the lobby to the path....the path.

More pictures of the beautiful path.

The cheese display at La Selva (where we had breakfast and dinner)
Helen and Emily with their braided hair.

Kyle, Michael and Sean...Michael...Our waiter Amelio with a tree Jean snuck in my luggage.

The centerpiece for our table at the Steak and Seafood Restaurant...great dinner!

The foyer to our building...and the picture in it.

Our room....notice the blue raft in the last picture....shudder.

Our tub and shower....the water we used to brush our teeth.

A table...Kathy writing in her journal...ready for dinner.

Kathy in her new shirt....Kathy's turtle charm in her pierced fingernail.

The view of the jungle from our patio...our chairs and drying rack.

Terry plays with the iguana who guarded our room one morning.

Speaking of iguanas...

Two different iguanas in the tree outside our building.

Sean, Kyle, Michael and Emily got henna tattoos.

Kathy and Terry caught in an undertow (reenactment of the horror).
What it seemed like to Kathy and Terry.

The ocean just after our escape.
Mike had the flag changed from yellow (caution) to red (no swimming).

Kathy's wristband compared to Sue's after the adventure....just a couple of the many scrapes we got.

Sean, Kathy and Ron danced in front of a couple of hundred people.

Mike with a Native....Sean and Charlie....Michael and Kyle

Some towel shapes:  fan, turkey, elephant and peacock.

Kathy and Eileen played two games of chess....the second one was very close.
Kathy weeps over her fallen king.

Michael got Eileen's queen early....but lost to her anyway.

Flowers and foliage.

Snorkeling and Diving off Cozumel

Walking to the ferry to Cozumel...the ferry...the ticket to the ferry (all in Spanish).

Our boat....the divers.

Jim, Sean and Michael go in the water.

Eric (our guide) diving...Eric and Eileen

Fish and coral



A postcard of the arch....Terry posing on one leg by the arch....Jim's picture of the arch

Jim and Sean watch our waiter in the Mexican Restaurant play with fire....a dessert.

At The Ruins

Helen, Ron, Emily, Charley, Jim, Michael, Sean, Sue and Kyle....Ruins

Ruins....Cherie and Eileen


Kyle, Sean and Michael

Helen, Charley, Emily and Ron...Cherie and Eileen...Terry and Kathy

Attila (our guide to the Dos Ojos and Bat Cave cenotes)...a cenote


Sean playing Tequila Volleyball....in the last picture, Michael is watching him.

A postcard of the bridge....Terry checks for fish, the eel or the turtle.

Another view of the pond.....some of the fish in the pond.

Around The Pool

The bar....playing games....the hut where we ate lunch....inside the lunch hut.

Kathy and Sean learn to do the Salsa!

Terry and Kathy pose with parrots....they were noisy!

Michael and monkeys....Emily and Charley with the monkeys...Sean and Michael with some Natives.

Mike, Kyle and Kathy use Kathy's cell phone.

In the Paint Shop:  Eileen...Kathy...Michael and Sean...Kathy's completed pitcher.

Michael (foreground) and Sean compete in a ping-pong tournament.  Kyle had his beard braided.

We loved the massage!  Most of us had one....Mike had at least two!
Michael fell asleep for 1/2 after his massage.....Jim enjoyed his also.

In The Pool

Michael and Mike

The jacuzzi/fountain in the pool...the pool...Charley, Emily, Helen and Ron.

Kyle, Michael, Jim and Charley...Terry and Kathy...Kyle and Jim...Cherie and Eileen.

Jim, Mike, Kathy and Eileen...Jim, Michael, Sean, Kyle and Sue...Ron and Charley.

Sean and his second place kayak crew.

Kathy, Eileen and Sue do aerobics in the pool.

Michael in a paper plane contest...Michael and Paco...Michael launches his plane named Ward.
Michael came in second place so he ended up in the pool.

The Ocean

The sign....view from one of the hot tubs.

Windblown trees and the ocean.

Jim, Emily, Kyle, Ron, Cherie and Eileen in front...Helen, Emily and Ron

Ron and Emily....Kyle...Ron and Michael

Terry hurt his right shoulder playing water soccer or he had it bit by a sea serpent.
He had rotator cuff surgery when he got home from Mexico.

Note left for us by our maid on the TV list....the ride home in the Limo.

Where am I?  Orlando, Cayman, Indiana or Mexico?

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