Mike Is 50!

With Kathy and Eileen

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What the Hell?    Mike and Carol    Mindy, Mike and Carol
Mike really was surprised

Becky and Brian    Jean and Cherie    Sue and Jim    Eileen    Kathy and Terry    Bob and Mindy
The Guests

Mike and the Cake    The Cake
Mike and His Cake

Eileen and Kathy with their wedge hats    Brian and Carol with their anit-wedge hats    Carol and Terry    Cherie and Eileen    Eileen

Kathy    Terry thinking    Terry
Then it was on to Eileen's for two very close games of Trivial Pursuit where Terry, Carol, Brian and Becky barely edged out Kathy, Eileen, Jean and Cherie

You would have to get a sheet cake to get this many candles on it!

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