Mike Turns 60

Mike knew about his party at Jim and Sue's.
He didn't know all the people who would be there!

All of his siblings

Aunt Mary Lou and her family

Guys from work

And all his kids and his grandkid Bradford

His newest Great Niece Tessa

With Danny, Brian, Teresa and Bradford

Mike, Pat and Jim....Eileen, Kathy and Mary....Teresa and Mary

Jim and Sue had a great spread of food....Jean made the cake, Kathy made the Krispie Treat and Candy Wrappers....Jean produced the video that ran all evening.

Jean and Bridget....Jean and Cherie....Hanging out outside....Kyle and Mike

Lots of people and lots of fun

Lots of Sweeneys


Mike checks out the bike from his brothers and sisters

Watching the gift opening...Opening gifts

A Kindle from his kids....and fun stuff

Lot of laughs, gifts and gift cards

Jean presents Mike's cake

Playing Downstairs

Owen and his Kyle....Bradford and Alex....Hannah and Owen....Bill and Owen

The Cousins Meeting

Laura and Tessa....Sean and Jean....Teresa and Cherie

Bridget, Kyle and Alissa....Becky, Danny, Brian and Teresa

The Girls....The Boys

Bill graciously took these group photos....Without and with Pat

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