July, 2020

Kathy, Daphne and Erin at Mikes

Jean, Jeff, Brandon and Owen on Anna Marie Island

After leaving the Valpo Verbo vacation, Daphne, Erin and I had about four hours to kill before our flight to Florida
So we headed to the Lighthouse Outlet Mall in Michigan City
I got cool shoes and the outfit I wore at Mike's surprise party
And the girls got stuff too

One of Mike's gorgeous chandeliers....The new smart TV....Still pictures from Erin's TikTok

The girls got their nails done....Going grocery shopping....Dog in a pickup....Balloon for Mike's surprise party

Check out the cool old picture of The Shell Factory
It's one of our favorite places to shop
Especially the Christmas Store
Nope, we didn't need boob shot glasses or ashtrays this time

Playing volleyball....Erin turned into a mermaid

Phone time from the pool....Celebrating Jim's money transfer....So proud they put gas in Mike's caddy all by themselves


The Lahms came to visit from Anna Marie Island....The Duck Races....Mike and Jeff enjoy the entertainment

We had a Surprise 70th Birthday Party for Mike....It really was a surprise because he won't be 70 until October...lol.
Jean and I made masks for everyone
Jeff eating some of the delicious birthday cake we didn't get a picture of

But we did take some nice birthday portraits for Mike's birthday

Mike let Daphne drive his Caddy to Anna Marie Island to visit the Lahms condo and enjoy the ocean....They went for two days

After we got home, Mike sent me pictures of his updated pool and the pictures Daphne and Erin painted for him for his birthday

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