Visiting Mike

Kathy, Jean, Brendan and Owen

June, 2019

On the way to the South Bend Airport, we saw this dump truck strapped to a flat bed truck....We all cracked up
At the airport, I was slow getting off of the plane and I ran in to this fun group waiting for me
The oldest supervises while the youngest does all the work

Mike picked us up and treated us to Miceli's (excellent spaghetti and other stuff)....We settled in

Jean and Owen stayed in the first guest room....Kathy and Brendan kept a more casual approach in their room....Jean helped Mike install his new printer and Ipad

Pat sent Mike some additions to his Zen Garden....Kathy wore a shirt that Pat got her
Kathy also wore a shirt that matched Mike's lanai decor....Mike (in front of his slick sliding door) and Kathy....Mike's current Sudoku book

Jean grabbed Mike's Caddy and we headed for a boat trip at Fort Myers Beach
But first we lunched at a neat place (Bayfront Cabana) right near our boat ride

Our boat....A bird....Naturalist Laurie and Captain Ty....Inside the boat....Owen and Jean
The Dolphin and Wildlife Cruise was reccommended by Allegiant Airline

Kathy and Brendan....Brendan....Nice ride but a little boring....What's this?....what's this?....what the!


It's Dolphins!  Right there! They played in the wake of our boat!

Playing around....Owen in the waterfall....The boys loved the pool, day....

....And night!

The poor duck somehow lost a wing


The Lahms spent an afternoon in/by the ocean

Owen reading one of Mike's train books, he took a couple home to read

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