Mike's Place

Cape Coral, Florida

March, 2011


The front of the house....before the landscaping

The Landscaping:


The Front

The Side


The Back

New tables and pictures

In the front door

The Great Room....Black and white candy in the candy dish

More of the Great Room

The Dining Room....The Laundry Room

The Kitchen

Mike's Room

The Walk-in Closet....The Master Bath

Guest Room Number One

Guest Room Number Two

The Guest Bathroom

Kathy being silly

The Office

The new desk, chair, lamp and letter holder...The office tapestry

There is a bathroom that connects the Office and Lanai....I forgot to get a picture of it...lol

The Garage

The Pool

The Orchid....The Last bud opened about a week after I left....The waterfalls at sunset....The ledge to sit on to have a jet hit you in the back (very nice)

Mike....Kathy's toenail match the pool....The lighted pool at night

The Lanai....Mike found an egg in the ferns after a storm knocked one over

Nice sitting area!

Planting the Orchard

Kathy....Mike's rock

The Orange tree....The Lemon and Lime trees....Little Lemons....Kathy and the Lime tree

Out and About

Ground Owls

We went to some Art shops....Mike wouldn't buy the flamingos

Places where we dined

Watching the Flowers Grow




July 2011


All four views of the house...with eight new palm trees

Palm Trees

The side yard....The new walkway and triangle planting bed

The new walkway

The plants with flowers that live for only one day....Tomato plant....Pepper plant....Mike

New desk, chair, lamp and letter holder....The bathroom between the office and lanai

Picture of Chicago from Pat....The grill....New shelves in the garage

The bikes we rode for six miles 4 out of 5 mornings I was there....The storm clouds that kept us from riding one day (there was lightning)....A double rainbow

Kathy working on the sign....We did get it hung but I forgot to take a picture....It looks nice

September 2011

The front porch and front yard

The Bird-Of-Pardise plant (to the right of the front door) bloomed

Ground owls!   Eating in the field next to Mike's....Moving in to their new home at Mike's.....they are adorable!

Bird-Of-Paradise and darling new pet!

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