Morton Arboretum
August 2011

First Sunday:  Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

Second Sunday:  Kathy, Terry, Becky, Alex and Hannah

I combined the two trips into this one website

Everyone Liked The Maze

The Maze...A half mile of twisting paths

Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen


Alex and Hannah

The Children's Garden

Ready to enjoy four acres of fun

Playing and reading


Having fun crossing the stepping stones

Crossing the little bridge


Crossing the big bridge

Owen playing in the stream

Playing on the orange ropes

Erin and Brendan talking to each other



The Kids played in this Root area for at least 1/2 Grandma Kathy found a comfy rocking chair

Having fun and getting wet at one of the many hand pumps


Random beauty

On the Acorn

A musical space

Erin on the silver ball....Grandma Kathy's reflection in the ball....Daphne on the silver ball

Alex and Hannah on the small bridge....The didn't spend hours in the Children's Garden like their younger cousins

Coming off the big bridge....Hannah in the stream....Alex poses as a flamingo

The Wonderful nature unframed Exhibit

Trees inspired international artists to create 11 contemporary works of art showcased among the outdoor galleries

We followed a map

Lichen It!  Carol Hummel, Ohio


Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen examine the crocheted tree

Alex and Hannah also checked it out

Grandma Kathy really liked the Art and lectured about it to Alex and Hannah

Crocheted patches were found throughout the area....this one was on the Maze platform

Purification  Thomas Matsuda, Massachusetts

You Are Beautiful  Anonymous, Illinois

Brendan, Daphne, Owen and Erin

Alex, Hannah and Grandma Kathy

Jimshoe  Juan Angel Chavez, Illinois

Alex and Hannah check it out

Celebranch  Larry King, North Carolina

(out)looking, (re)framing  Joan Giroux, Illinois


Grandma Kathy and Becky check out the giant kaleidescope

How Far Have We Gone?  Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Greece

Turtles sunning themselves on the art

Wall in Blue Ash Tree  Letha Wilson, New York

Alex takes a closer look

Bound, V-57  Philippa Lawrence, France

The tree was dead and slated to be chopped down

Soul of the Trees  Regine Lehmann, France

We even stopped to listen to the sound this sculpture made

The Gift  Gail Simpson and Arstotle Georgiades, Wisconsin


Acorn Express Tram Ride And Other Trees And Stuff

This was a terrific hour long ride.  We went through the entire park and learned a lot


Just a few of the sights we saw

We saw a Wedding at the old mansion

Majestic trees

Lovely flowers

Grandma Kathy found the perfect Christmas Tree....With plenty of room for ornaments

Just rolling down a hill

Rose petals from a Wedding....Smelling them

Posing for pictures

The Sixies....Erin and Brendan are both six years old so that's what I call them.  It started when they were one and they were the Onesies

Time to go home

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