Museum of Science and Industry

July 1, 2015

Hannah, Grandma Kathy, Owen, Brendan, Becky, Erin, Daphne and Jean

Swiss Jolly Ball
A Group Favorite

Daphne, Erin, Brendan, Hannah, Owen and Grandma Kathy

We had this place practically to ourselves!  What a blast!

The object of Mind Ball is to be calmer than your opponent.
Erin and Grandma Kathy were so evenly calm that they gave up trying to win.
I've never seen that happen before!

Then Hannah and Becky were evenly matched because they were thinking about the same thing at the same time.

The boys were evenly matched but their stress levels were high.
Cracked us up.
Daphne played too.

Starting the ceiling movie....Watching the ceiling movie....The more you moved, the more these people laughed!....Daphne

Running on the wheel....Playing a game

We just love the interactive screens


Hannah reacts to Atoms reactions....Erin....Daphne

Fun with long hair in the wind tunnel....Hannah and Erin

Jean ordered a grilled cheese sandwich from Hannah on the United Airplane


If we are ever sentenced to do time in this Museum, you will find us here or in the mirror maze

Our Indiana Dunes

The Hulk....A cow sitting on a bench....Blue Herbie

Just some scenes we like

A cute camper....A climber

Just a parking lot scene....until you look closer and see the bear!....Reminds me of my '64 Oldsmobile wagon...sigh

Becky surprised us with sundaes after we took our old timey photos

Erin in the whispering gallery....Daphne....Brendan checks out a ship....Becky posing with anything even remotely related to Sherlock

You better....

Hold very still and butterflies will land on your shadow

You can put your face on this guy....It borders on the horrifying

Rock Wall!

Owen: 4 feet 2 inches tall with a wing span of 4 feet 2 inches
Jean:  5 feet 6 inches tall with a wing span of 5 feet 2 inches
Daphne:  5 feet 9 inches tall with a wing span of 5 feet 3 inches
I seriously told Daphne I can't wait until she's 13 years old (next March) because when we pay for 12 and under, I feel like I'm cheating even when I'm not

Crafts at Grandma Kathy's house the day after the Museum

Ivory soap in the microwave

Decorating hot rocks with crayons....They all liked the way the crayons melted and blended on the rocks

Volcanoes!....Owen went first....Then Daphne

Brendan's was fine (no pic)....Erin's foamed away (she said the secret was to add a ton of dish soap)

Googly eyes

Funny Story:  Sometimes I forget that Owen takes things literally.
The kids and I were looking at the pictures from the Museum and came across this one.
I joked that the picture was fine, I'm just blurry in real life.
Owen paused and then said, "Oh, because of all your wrinkles."
Daphne and Erin gasped but I cracked up!

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