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Through the Years

Back:  Kathy and Eileen
Front:  Pat, Mary and Jimmy (Mike was at work)

Kathy, Terry and Becky

Kathy and Becky

Back:  Jean, Jacob and Becky
Front:   Laura, Cherie and Carrie

Daphne, Erin and Brendan

Back:  Brendan, Erin and Daphne
Front:  Hunter, Owen and Tessa

Back:  Kyle and Sue
Middle:  Laura, Brendan, Erin, Daphne, Tessa, Jean
Front:  Owen

Back:  Danny and Linda
Front:  Brendan, Owen, Grandma Kathy and Jean

Back:  Erin, Daphne and Jean
Middle:   Grandma Kathy, Owen, Brendan and Becky
Front:  Hannah

Back:  Owen, Jean, Daphne and Erin
Front:  Brendan and Grandma Kathy
February, 2019

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