Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Terry, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

Waiting for people to catch up....Erin's raccoon hat....Erin and Brendan
Story:  As we were leaving, two men were walking by Erin and the first one asked her if he could have her racoon hat.
The other one said something like this:  "You don't need to get her hat.  I killed me a racoon last week and I can make you a hat from that one."
Erin and I cracked up.

Grandpa Terry watches the cornhole game....The kids won candy and/or a ball....Spinning to win more prizes

The NITCO car....One of the prizes....Very cold water

Wonderful hot dogs....Daphne's nail polish, hot dog, water and chips

Grandma Kathy had this dreamsicle cupcake, Erin had vanilla and Daphne, Brendan and Owen had chocolate.  Delicious

Did I mention all of this was FREE?  Thanks, NITCO!

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