November and December


Fun Stuff

I made the accessories for Reindeer Hair and Erin fixed Daphne's hair and then her own.  The boys got lighted noses.


Erin, Brendan and Owen playing in the snowstorm

Just look at the snow on Owen's face.....sheesh.  Erin decide to make a snowman

The snowman

Terry found this Kick Me sign on my back.  It was made for someone else and ended up on


Making beautiful designs with milk, food coloring and Dawn soap....then mixing it all up
We played in my garage because we were using food coloring.  Daphne went home to go hunting with her Dad

Then we dumped the liquid into a clean kitty litter box to see the result.
The kids took it one step too far when they added slush from my van to the mix.
"But look, Grandma, the ice is absorbing the color."  I was not impressed with their science experiment.

Erin made a giant bow and Owen helped her lift it for the picture

Erin's classroom has a Toss Across game but no bags.  So Erin made some.

The are named Fire and Ice...and they are perfect

Pretty flowers on the riser at the Nifty Notes concert

Erin was one of only four students who has a solo....Wow

Heather and Jim....Grandpa Jim and Grammy Jo....Erin and Grandma Kathy.  Daphne was there too....she took most of the pictures.

On our way to spend the night in Indy, we stopped here for a fun dinner

We stayed at the Hilton Embassy Suites North in Indy.  It was quite a treat!

The atrium....Sweetie....One of three sinks in our Suite.  Brendan said our Suite was Sweet!

The water was very warm.....Even Grandma Kathy went in!
We played a game where we pulled each other around the pool.
Grandma Kathy ended up with several giggling, funny girls.
We all had a lot of fun.

Pretty tree in the lobby.

Daphne and Owen check out the view from the decorative balcony....Geese

Breakfast in the atrium and then swimming with the pool to ourselves.

I got this cool watch in an online grab bag.  Daphne and Erin are wearing scarves I gave them from the grab bag.
Of course Erin's scarf is really a dress....and she used it for a swim cover-up.

The Scholastic BooK Fair
(Our main reason for our Indy trip)

We all had a great time and spent over $165.00 on new books.  It was soooo worth the trip to Indy

The Goodwill Outlet Store is very different from any store we have ever been in.
We looked through unsorted bins for goodies.
Then some of the bins were removed from the floor and new ones were added.
We paid for stuff by having it weighed.
We had two carts and Jean paid $14 for both carts!
My big find was a Tupperware bowl with a lid.

This messenger bag was Jean's big find....worth $275.
The girls had fun....The boys did not

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.......All four kids asked to ride the escalator us and then down....strange way to have fun.
Note:  It was 72 degrees out....on December 12th!
I saw four people wearing shorts....on December 12th!

We ended our very fun trip with a quick stop here

Ready for the concert

Mr. Kyle Govert directs the Lowell Middle School Band
November 17, 2015

Mr. Govert directs.....Daphne and Erika Foor perform

Erin took a selfie....then pictures of everyone there for Daphne

Posing and laughing

Terry and I took the boys to see Star Wars The Force Awakens.
I told Brendan he had to wear his real glasses with the 3D glasses.
He did.
We saw the movie at the Fountain Stone in Rensselaer on the Saturday after it came out.
Including the four of us, there were about 30 people in the theater.
We all liked the movie a lot.

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