Owen Turns Eleven

April 16, 2018

With only nine candles for some reason.

The boys were sure happy we were having a little party because...cake!
And it was delicious....Ice Cream Cake was a good choice!

Gifts from the Hineses....Duck Tape and Money.....$20....no....$25....no....$30!

The card from Grandma Kathy listed "11" trivia facts....including that Polk was the 11th president
Owen is currently doing a report on President Polk.
Owen is "into" World War II so he liked his book.
And he got a gaming keyboard with eight different light modes....Just like Grandma Kathy's!

Owen and Grandma Kathy....Grandma Kathy and Brendan and his book of Guiness World Records.

Owen had another party with Milo, Keria and Kaylen.  He is pictured with Kaylen.

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