Owen Turns 14

Featuring: Matriarch Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin

James, Brendan and Owen

April, 2021


Owen in the Birthday Hat....Jamming on his newest guitar....Owen's "cake" is a berry topped cheesecake

Jean's new patio furniture....Side that had their sunglasses on....Rug....Side that didn't have their sunglasses on....The neighbors have chickens

Made to order....Erin's shoes for her Theater Banquet....Erin and Kathy and Kathy is wearing the best socks for when you have to take your shoes off

So we played this game where sometimes you have to get up and work with your partner....Owen and Erin (AKA The Vowels)

You also had to guess what the other partner was drawing....These two were super fast....Goalpost and Las Vegas...Brendan was around and we actually won this game

Owen gave a Thank You speech and played his ukulele for us!

I took Owen to a record store and we were in it about 2 1/2 weeks...He finally found some great deals!

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