Owen Turns Four

Owen loves trains.
His Birthday Party was held at Tyler's Tender...a train diner.
Jean grabbed her train cake pan and asked Owen to help her make his cake.
He didn't want a train cake: "A train cake is not for me."
He wanted a green squid.
He got a green squid birthday cake!

Jean, Josh, Gerogia and Jake Babin, Owen and Brendan

Brandon, Morgan, Jil, Allie, Mike and Justin Carlson

Eileen, Kathy, Terry and Jeff

Erin, Tessa, Daphne, Jimmy and Heather

Checking out the menu....Kathy and Eileen....Tessa as a Princess....Daphne and Erin

Owen and his goofy pizza crust....The train that ran around the room




Riding The Big Train

Owen and his green squid cake

Playing in the Arcade

Owen's creation with some of his toys

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