Owen Turns 7

April 2014

I knew it was a Minecraft party but I didn't know there would be so many Creepers about

I was sooo glad I designed and made Creeper deviled eggs....and regular ones

Very nice decorations....including a bunny vase that Jean won

The invitations and cake

Brendan wearing his Minecraft diamond shirt....Jean wearing her Diamond earrings

Erin and Brendan....A bunch of cars

Owen....Jeff and his Dad are pictured here....Not pictured:  Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Terry, Grandma Nancy and Aunt Laura

Erin's chalk drawing of a jelly fish....A bunch of the kids playing outside

Cutting and serving the cake

Silly gifts from Aunt Laura

A couple more gifts (not all gifts are shown)....The Minecraft goody bags

Got these two just in time for the party

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